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Unergy Supply is a leading bunker and cargo supply in Morocco, African port. We furnish deliveries by truck, ex pipe, and barge.

Our company will further committed to enhance our competitiveness in order to match clients’ needs, and to operate a better corporation. What’s more, we sincerely wish our business fellows; mates and clients will be supporting and encouraging our company continuously.

Bunker and cargo supply

In bunker supply, we provide bunkering by truck, ex pipe and barge – and are highly experienced in sea bunkering.

For cargo supply, we offer customized logistics solutions and operate physical storage facilities, ensuring fast and reliable supplies when and where you need them.

Experienced team

Our team of 15 experienced and dedicated employees delivers a high level of quality, service and flexibility. They are focused on support and optimizing your business.

If you are in a partnership with Unergy you will get a reliable and flexible supplier of fuel products with strong competencies in related services such as bunker management, oil price hedging, finance and credit solutions, sourcing, logistics and daily pricing updates.

Our office is located in Tangier in Morocco, and we are partner with big Petroleum Company, which owns and operates trading and supply operations in 18 countries.

Please contact Unergy for reliable and flexible bunker and cargo supply at a competitive price: or (+212)539 3437 82 / (+212)661 9999 63.